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Jessica says – Alright…I would normally never do this…do you hear me…never.. because it’s super embarrassing and I’m very self conscious about the way I look…to the point that I’m about to cry just posting this.. I have an 18 month ol,d and I have never lost the baby weight from having him. I am a teacher. In Summer of 2012, I had to move classrooms (while 8 months pregnant) and I began teaching a new grade level. My husband and I bought and moved into a new house, had a baby, and my oldest child became very sick all within a 6 week period. There were weeks I would be at the dr’s office 3 or 4 times. Everything piled on top of me and I couldn’t take it all. I was extremely stressed, and I ate as a way to calm my nerves. I’m not going to put my starting weight because I’m still too embarrassed, but know that it was a lot. I started Plexus on Jan. 1 2014, but forgot to take a picture until January 4. I am completely “letting it all hang out” in BOTH of these pictures. I’m blowing my stomach out as far as it will go. Normally when I’m around people, I always suck it in, so I don’t know that anyone has actually seen how big I was. The second picture was taken this past Saturday. So far, I have lost 10 lb. I don’t know how many inches, but I have already gone down a pants size. I bought jeans at Christmas that were a size too small intentionally, and I can already wear them. I am taking Plexus, drinking a gallon of water a day, and walking 4 times a week. I cheat every Sunday…really bad cheating!


Shayla says – I’m 75% to my goal loss of 20 lbs shed! Thanks Plexus! I began my journey in October 2013, I have been able to shed 15 lbs and 18 inches. I take 1 Plexus Slim daily in very lukewarm water along with 2 X-Factor vitmains. 1 or 2 Accelerator+, depending upon whether I remember them! I use 2 BioCleanse twice daily if I’m in “kill off Candida mode” or not and 2-4 ProBio5 at night. I exercise, only because I feel so fantastic that I actually WANT to exercise and have started eating more and more cleanly, veggies, salads, more protein etc… again, only because I WANT to eat cleanly now, not because I have to. I love how I feel, I have so much more energy to keep up with my teenage homeschoolers. Plexus has helped me desire the right way to live!



Angela says~ 80 Pounds gone Thanks to Plexus!!



Kelly says~ Here is my 2 month update! To say that Plexus has helped is an understatement. In the last 8 weeks I’ve lost 16.4 lbs and lost a total of 17.9 inches over my body. I’ve gone down one size in pants and three sizes in tops and dresses! Nothing in the past has worked for me in this way, not even medications and diets specifically prescribed by very qualified and highly respected doctors and nutritionists.



Scott went to the store for new pants today because even his “new pants” were falling off. Started in March in tight 46-32s and today’s pants were 38-32s. Also went from 3x shirt to a large.

He’s lost 53 pounds since March 24, 2013. Off all medications, from both diabetes, and high blood pressure. He takes Slim, 2 accelerators, 2 probio5, 3 bio cleanse and 2 xfactor each morning before breakfast. No diet change. No exercise.



Danielle says ~ This is almost unbelievable! So excited about reaching my goal in the next few months!



Darlene says~ My Aunt is Rocking the Pink Drink, and Shrinking!!!!



Check out this before & after picture from Brandi who has been taking Plexus Slim and Accelerator for just 2 weeks!



Jenny shares: I was looking for photos for something else when I came across “the ooomph pic.” My before photo was never a full body shot so here you go. 25lbs down, over 16inches. From a size 14 to a 6. This took about 4 months being constant with Plexus Slim. I have now been an ambassador with Plexus a yr and a half and continue to maintain my weight loss. My husband no longer has to work 7/12s just to make ends meet, and has been able to accept a promotion that allows him to work a 4 day work week. This allows him to spend more time with our little family and there isn’t enough space here to tell you what that’s doing for my marriage. Plexus is changing lives in so many ways. God Bless Plexus!